Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hulme Leading Lines

I think this is a good example of leading lines because as you follow the trees back you see the house. You can also follow the road marks back to see the house. The fence post may also point you to the house. This picture applies the rule of thirds by having the house at the top of the picture and the trees to the side. The subject and story that it has is that you feel secluded by the trees when you are in the house. They hide and protect you when needed.

I think this is another good example of leading lines because the road keeps your eyes going until you cant see the road no more. The road is curvy and keeps your eye moving in the picture. This picture follows the rule of thirds because the road is on the left side and the mountains are towards the top. The subject and story of this picture is that as you follow the road back you may never be sure where it leads you to. The curves keep you guessing as to where you are headed. 

Charlotte and Taylor helped me decide which pictures I should use. 

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