Thursday, August 21, 2014

First week

So I arrived on last friday. Almost been a week here. The food is amazing. I will never be going hungry and I am trying new things! For instance I had shrimp the first night I was here hahah. I have met quite a few people that are friends of the family and even parents, which everyone down here is super nice!! The family is great, I feel like I am adjusting well and we all get along pretty good. The ward here is good, I even played ultimate frisbee with some of them! Lol. Baby G and I are finally warmed up to each other and he is saying Brittany now (: he is so cute and we have some good adventures together. It is so hot.. like you sweat just looking outside. Lol. But the rain is amazing. Its so warm. I even made dinner one night for the family(Costa vida sweet pork) and they loved it. Hahah it did turn out pretty good. We are in a really nice neighborhood and I am starting to get used to the freeways and driving. I love and miss all of y'all! ❤ stay safe and have fun with school and what not. Love, Britt

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