Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Louisiana livin

The house, neighbors around us, one of three ponds (has a fountain that goes on at night), and the car I drive😊


  1. Thanks for the pictures. It's so fun to see where you live. The neighborhood is very nice and so is their home. Lucky girl you are. Thanks for texting Gpa
    today for his birthday. I think it was a fun day for him...dentist appointment and all. We also watched Jaws II and ate Chinese Food from Hyrum...then went to your home to say good by to Ashley. You two are something else...you both figured out real fast what you wanted to do and did it. Good for you. Love Gma H.

    1. Its a great neighborhood! Tons of kids (: I am very lucky! Sounds great haha love you too!

  2. This is not Cache Valley Home Builders Association....I will figure out how to get my name on here. She!!!!!!