Friday, September 5, 2014

Nottoway Plantation House

This is the view from the road as you pull into the plantation. 
The main walkway to the house. This is  the side of the house. It has a garden and a beautiful fountain. It is also the side of the house that the girls slept in. Known as the girls wing.
These trees are anywhere from 150-300 years old. Very beautiful. 
Closer up to the garden and fountain. 
The front of the house. Up close and across the road. It is currently the biggest plantation from its time thats in the south. The family that built it had 11 children! Crazy. This house has so many details to fit their unique style and make it their own. 
This is the boys wing of the house. Back in the day they were given more freedom than girls and its not connected to the house. They could do whatever they wanted to do.
Back view of the house.
Another fountain. 
Dining hall. They actually have about two weddings a week here!
Some of the slave quarters. Out of all the plantations(not that slavery was ever right) this was the one they wanted to be at. They were treated well and had decent places for their family to be. They were fed and safe here.
One of my favorite pictures. Love this part of the house. The bottom part is a dining area, the middle is a ballroom area, and the top is a balcony. So pretty.
Wonderful flowers everywhere. 
The details in the house were amazing. Pictures may be blurry. Sorry! 
A painting of the family. But only their first two kids. Nine more to come:)
About half of the stuff in the house was original from the house and the other half antiques to match the original. This house was often referred to as the white castle. 
This green room is essentially a man cave.. the men would talk politics and war and such while the women would have tea.
This white room is the ballroom. White was used to make people stand out and look more beautiful, mature and pure.
The bigger the curtains the higher your social class would be.
This lady wasn't one of their children she was put up there because she is supposed to be their example. Dressed in white, pure and ready to be married at 16.
Their dining room. And how its set up. Each blue plate alone costs about $4000.. we weren't allowed to touch them. Hahah
The view from the second floor.
Some of the many rooms.
Second floor balcony view. That is the Mississippi River in the distance. But you can only see part of it since there is an island in the middle of it due to an earthquake that happened in the late 1700's
More paintings and rooms.
Another view. Back of the house. Straight ahead is the boys wing. Closer to the house is the kitchen. And to the left the girls wing. And to the right the parents section. 

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  1. I just found this latest update. It was fun to see all your pictures of this beautiful southern home you visited. Glad you are having fun being a nanny and touring all at the same time.