Friday, October 24, 2014

Sister Dixon

Sister Dixon is one of the sister missionaries here. I absolutely love her. She is from draper utah and half way done with her mission. I met her the second week of being here and she is probably my best friend here. Is it so true that missionaries bless the people around them. They don't even have to try and people recieve numerous blessings. She has helped me to see that a mission no matter where its served, is done in with the Lord's help. And not only are the missionaries never alone but neither are we. Sister Dixon is a great friend and example and it will a sad day when she gets transferred which I hope isn't for a while!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life in General

I am doing pretty good. Had some great experiences this week. One that I want to mention is people keep telling me how crazy it is that I am straight out of high school and moved away from home and am being a nanny, living with a different family and its not even for school. They tell me how courageous I must be and brave, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh and how they could never do it. Especially being so young. For the longest time I didn't really understand what they were saying but today it kinda hit me. I think I understand. It does take courage to move several states away, to be living with strangers (whom I love and are the best family I could ask for), to continue to go to church, to do things on my own, to practically put my future plans on hold (like college/mission) to just do something out of the normal. I get it now. It does take courage. I have to give Heavenly Father a TON of credit though because I couldn't do any of this with out him guiding me and putting his loving arms around me. I had to have faith that I chose a good family and thankfully I did and I have to be brave and do things on my own. I pretty much had to start over in life. Haha like I felt like I didn't necessarily know who I was without Ashley but now I do. I am not any different but I am realizing that I do things a bit different now, nothing too big has changed but its definitely different because now I feel like I am more independent and I am growing a ton.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A great October weekend

I got to meet up with my amazing friend Bama on Saturday for lunch! Haven't seen her for two years so it was so fun to catch up with her.

Some pictures of the restaurant. Its right on the edge of a couple of lakes out in the middle of nowhere near Mississippi. Its called Middendorfs. They are famous for their catfish which was delicious!  
We ate in the outside deck part, it was such a nice day! Only like 84 degrees. 
This is turtle soup. Yes it has real turtle in it. And yes surprisingly it was good.
thought I would include a fantastic picture of what the humidity does to my hair. You're welcome. 
I also got to go to a park and watch hocus pocus with some friends the other night! So fun. Not a quality photo but I love these guys.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A very very warm October

It is still very warm here. Crazy to think its already October! We have had maybe one day that was below 84 degrees. The rest is all above, and with humidity it feels worse. Haha and no fall colors so that is very different. But everything is still going good here. I am staying pretty busy between work and church. Hopefully thungs slow down next month because we have been going crazy the past couple weeks! But its good:) I already have my flight booked for Christmas so I will see y'all soon! I will be there the 20th to the 28th. Love and miss y'all<3

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More wonderful seafood

This is red fish stuffed with crab and other fish meat (very delicious) 
A shrimp pasta type of dish
Crawfish etouffee (I love this, and will be learning how to make it soon!!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Orleans trip

I went down to New Orleans yesterday with some people from the ward. We went to the French Market and a couple different cafes. We went to the cathedral and saw some street performers. We walked all around this part of town. Oh and since it is below sealevel here the cemetery are all above ground. Kinda creepy.. and the pyramid one is Nicholas Cage future tombstone he bought (some crazy fans kissed it) lol but it was super fun and the food was great! To say New Orleans they say nawlins.. or nola. Which stands for New Orleans Louisiana. 

The saints super dome.
more views of the city.
Loved these old buildings all over amd the streets here are really narrow. The buildings with balconies are my favorite! 
A wedding march
Street performers
Cafe du monde where we got beingets (no idea how to spell that.) They are a pastry that is both scone and donut like.
the group
The French Market
Future tombstone of Nicholas Cage