Saturday, October 18, 2014

A great October weekend

I got to meet up with my amazing friend Bama on Saturday for lunch! Haven't seen her for two years so it was so fun to catch up with her.

Some pictures of the restaurant. Its right on the edge of a couple of lakes out in the middle of nowhere near Mississippi. Its called Middendorfs. They are famous for their catfish which was delicious!  
We ate in the outside deck part, it was such a nice day! Only like 84 degrees. 
This is turtle soup. Yes it has real turtle in it. And yes surprisingly it was good.
thought I would include a fantastic picture of what the humidity does to my hair. You're welcome. 
I also got to go to a park and watch hocus pocus with some friends the other night! So fun. Not a quality photo but I love these guys.

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