Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life in General

I am doing pretty good. Had some great experiences this week. One that I want to mention is people keep telling me how crazy it is that I am straight out of high school and moved away from home and am being a nanny, living with a different family and its not even for school. They tell me how courageous I must be and brave, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh and how they could never do it. Especially being so young. For the longest time I didn't really understand what they were saying but today it kinda hit me. I think I understand. It does take courage to move several states away, to be living with strangers (whom I love and are the best family I could ask for), to continue to go to church, to do things on my own, to practically put my future plans on hold (like college/mission) to just do something out of the normal. I get it now. It does take courage. I have to give Heavenly Father a TON of credit though because I couldn't do any of this with out him guiding me and putting his loving arms around me. I had to have faith that I chose a good family and thankfully I did and I have to be brave and do things on my own. I pretty much had to start over in life. Haha like I felt like I didn't necessarily know who I was without Ashley but now I do. I am not any different but I am realizing that I do things a bit different now, nothing too big has changed but its definitely different because now I feel like I am more independent and I am growing a ton.

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