Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Orleans trip

I went down to New Orleans yesterday with some people from the ward. We went to the French Market and a couple different cafes. We went to the cathedral and saw some street performers. We walked all around this part of town. Oh and since it is below sealevel here the cemetery are all above ground. Kinda creepy.. and the pyramid one is Nicholas Cage future tombstone he bought (some crazy fans kissed it) lol but it was super fun and the food was great! To say New Orleans they say nawlins.. or nola. Which stands for New Orleans Louisiana. 

The saints super dome.
more views of the city.
Loved these old buildings all over amd the streets here are really narrow. The buildings with balconies are my favorite! 
A wedding march
Street performers
Cafe du monde where we got beingets (no idea how to spell that.) They are a pastry that is both scone and donut like.
the group
The French Market
Future tombstone of Nicholas Cage

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