Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Spent today with my work family. Started out watching the parade then going to Eric's family for lunch and family time. Where I met his extended family and played games with the little girls that loved me. Food was very interesting. I ate it but did not enjoy it. Haha. Then we went to Amanda's sister's house for the afternoon and we watched the cowboys play a horrible football game. HORRIBLE. And Amanda's sister made us this delicious shrimp/sausage/spicy soup which was FANTASTIC. So yummy! We plan on Christmas decorating tomorrow! :)

These are some pictures I snapped randomly today. We were in the countryside and trees are everywhere kind of looking fall like. Hahah. The trees line almost every road you take here. Especially once you leave the city. But when the leaves start falling off it looks pretty ugly because there is no snow to make it look better or different. 
Interesting fun fact. Eric's family is of Italian decent. So they all drink a ton of wine and salute glasses. Aka cheers. With everyone in the room which is super awkward. Especially when its out of nowhere and no rhyme or reason to it. Haha. So I had sparkling cider with the kids that were to young for the wine which is children under like ten. Crazy I know. So it was pretty interesting to be apart of that and see others family traditions.

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