Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Misson Pictures (MTC-Decemember 16th)

These aren't in the right order, by any means. But they are on here, and that is what matters. (: Sister Hulme has LOVED her mission so far!! She is doing so well. She is definitely missed though. Can't wait another 15 months for her to come home. -Ashley 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last weekend home

My last weekend home was packed but it was so amazing. Saturday morning we went down to the Slc temple and went through which was so fun and amazing. I loved seeing it all again. Than we had the barn dance that night and after went down to orem to spend the night with Alli and visited Trent. Sunday we went to draper for my friend Lindsay's homecoming. She served in Louisiana. it was awesome and so fun to see her again. I also got to see some other friends from Louisiana! Than Sunday night we all met at the park and played games together. I love my huge loud loving family. Wouldn't trade y'all for anything. Saying goodbye is hard but know that I love y'all and we will be together in a short 18 months! :)