Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Memory lane

I just want to write down and share some of my favorite memories growing up. I want all my family to remember them also and know how much they mean to me. I wouldn't be who I am today without y'all so thank you! There are plenty more memories but these are just some I remember and will always cherish. I honestly have the best family ever. I love you all so much and hope you know that.
Grandma and grandpa Summers- endless horse back riding, crafts, grandma reading books to us, helping us make playdough and teaching us how to cook, the swings in the yard, the swimming pools, the front porch swing, naps on the recliners, movies, PUFF RICE BALLS, kitty cats, playing cards, grandpa dancing with me, old Ephraim story, feeding the horses with grandpa and riding in the truck with him.
Grandma Grizz and Grandpa Buster- art activities, grandma day, homeade rootbeer, grape juice, sitting underneath the trees on nice days enjoying the weather, going for walks, protein shakes:), paper dolls, the art walk, going to work with grandma, grandpa giving us rides on the t-rex., barn dances, camping trip to the uintas and the milk flew out of the rv fridge on a corner,  pink water, grandma flinging a flaming marshmallow around on a stick, mormon hill, hiking, the stories you used to make up when we slept over, snowmobiling, bridgerland tea party class, Dallas Cowboys, sun roof of grandma's car, going to the home shows.
Grandma Corky and grandpa Jed (aka Grandma and grandpa Arizona) - cactus, fresh peas from the garden, missy, hearts the card game, cactus candy, skittles, hot tubs, yellow roses, fools gold.
Grandma Jackson- always giving us candy and icecream.
Grandpa Hulme and grandma Ally- grandma's dresses, black licorice, the cactus puzzle, riding the stair chair up and down until he got mad at us haha, talking stuffed dog.
Grandma and grandpa cheney- hammock, crochet, maddox, pink water, fancy Nancy, fashion shows, going to the home show and caden squirting stuff on her jacket.
Tami and mike and family- going to Georgia, fireworks, going to the temple with y'all, fourwheeler rides, mike being an astronaut, doing sleepovers with Hannah, hiking.
Mindy and Shawn and family- ragnar races, the after party of ragnar, sleepovers, hair and make up parties, listening to y'alls fantastic music, throwing bouncy balls over the roof, apples to apples.
Angie and Dave and family- sleepovers, bear lake trips, no bake cookies, coming to all of our games both soccer and lacrosse, North Dakota trip, Mount Rushmore (Angie).
Jeremy and Kristi and family- camping trips, spring break trip to goblin valley and southern utah, horse back riding this past summer, babysitting for y'all, always helping with our car, coming to our lacrosse games,  trevens lacrosse games.
Justin and Susie- the half bug/half bike, bear lake trips, carlie puking on the back of Justin's head headed to bear lake, the yellow trucks, General conference gatherings with brunch, cheese, painting Rhetts room, going to Lagoon.
Liz and Brandon and family- coming to our lacrosse games, going to Jaxon's football games, park days every summer.
Thane and April and family- camping trips, lacrosse games, soccer games, playing cards, babysitting for y'all, Zeppes, snowmobiling, (braaappp), chase and cole (playing just dance) and playing with your dogs and riding the four wheeler.
Shania- you taught me how to ride horses and all about them, always drawing, listening to music, taking care of the horses, spending time with your kids.
Zach- the haunted house, playing cards, camping trips and bear lake trips. Fishing and hunting. I remember one time when we were really little my mom picked you up from school at mountain crest and for some reason I have never forgot that.
Mom and dad and siblings- camping trips. Every single one of them I am grateful for. Park city and the apples, how supportive y'all are and the hot sauce (zesty fries) at arbys, road trips, Yellowstone, Montana, California, Arizona, Vegas, NASCAR, football games, sports, cooking, trips to the lakes, hiking, fireworks for our birthday, snowmobile movies, popcorn, playing games, Wyoming and greys river. Hiking, even if we didn't always enjoy it then I enjoy the fact we went and did stuff even if y'all put up with crazy kids.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Spent Saturday in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras with Bethany and some of her lovely family! I don't think I will ever be able to go to a regular parade again and think its cool. Haha. These parades are legit. We all decided to dress up and go all out for the experience (hence the bright pink wig... not that you can tell but they had spray painted their hair purple) I got a ton of beads and other stuff thrown at me.. the weather was absolutely perfect. New Orleans has some really cool history and places to see and eat at. I love it. It was actually really nice that I went with Bethany and her family because it was like I was with my own family. Sometimes tender mercies come in strange ways.. Haha like her brother had a meltdown about something and I loved that he did.. I miss having such a big family and cousins around. So it was nice to have a family experience again!

They decorate ladders. Stand on them or usually children sit on top. It helps because crazy people and crowds are everywhere so you can actually see the parade if you have one. We stood one the half ladder/step stools so we had a good view and were the second row. 
Some random pictures while we walked around before the parades started.
one of two New Orleans lds churches. It was really pretty! 
I didn't get many float pictures because I was busy getting beads but here are a few. I loved the guys in the lazy boy recliners they were hilarious. 
Even some elders joined in on the fun!
The first parade we went to was Iris. I love it the theme of it was parties. Really family friendly. The second parade was tucks. It wasn't as family appropriate as it was said to have been in my this sign kinda gives away. 
some of the things I got. And favorite necklaces. These cups are awesome and hard to come by. The beads with characters on them are also hard to get but I caught a few! 
I personally love the snowcone one
So many beads. 
The eye lashes had a hard time staying on our eyes.
we caught these lovely sunglasses from a bridal party float. 
Had a little craft session today after church. I probably spend the most time with these girls! So glad to have met them! Jasmine, me, Bethany and Madison. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lsu vs Kentucky

Watched Lsu play #1 Kentucky last night. The game was awesome! Lsu had a great start and led most of the game. Unfortunately they lost by two but they played great. Went with a friend from the ward and it was crazy to see the whole stadium on their feet practically the whole game.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Turn our world upside down for Jesus

Spent the weekend at a women's conference at Jefferson Baptist church. The one in which my Family attends. The speaker we had was Lisa Harper. She was amazing. I love the fact that there are so many Christian woman around the world trying to spread the love that Jesus has. It was really fun. I met a ton of people and learned quite a bit. Plus singing with some southern Baptist women just made it all the better. Singing and clapping and enjoying the music they had it was quite the experience. Plus a lovely Baton Rouge Louisiana sunset while I was at a red light.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tender mercies

When I went to Amanda's churches party (Baptist church) I met a ton of different people. They asked what church I went to and for some reason it was extremely hard for me to say I am a Mormon. Not that this is an excuse but when meeting new people you want them to have a good impression and sometimes when thats the first thing people know(that you are Lds) they can have the wrong impression. Such as you practice polygamy, are in a cult, have magic underwear, or they have just never really met a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It took me almost thirty seconds to respond to the first person who asked me. I felt so ashamed of the fact that I almost couldn't say it. Like as if I had something to hide. I still am not proud of the fact that I hesitated but from now one I won't. Because I know this church is something to be proud of. Something that I want everyone to know I am apart of, that I love this Gospel and everything about it. Its apart of me and I ALWAYS want it to be. I never before had had a hard time telling people this, it is still mind boggling that it actually happened. The Lord works in mysterious ways and so does Satan. I realized that as a future missionary I will physically be wearing a nametag representing the church but until then I will emotionally and mentally be wearing one. We can all be missionaries in different ways. Sometimes its hard Sharing something that is close to us and personal but it is important that other people know who we are and what we stand for. You never know who it will influence and impact. Sharing our testimony is soo important. And I realized this as I was talking with a friend from high school in North Dakota. I had thanked her for her example and courage that she has to stand up for what she believes in. She isn't a member of the church but she recently became Christian. She is always posting inspirational thoughts and just uplifting things and I know it leaves such a good influence on people I just love it. The world needs more of it. More love, more prayers, and more Jesus.

Elder Cooks visit to BR, LA

This is what we talked about on Sunday:
-We need to look like, act like, and groom like a latter day saint so we can be saved. If we have the appearance, the character, and the attire that we belong to this church than it is far easier to be living the way we are supposed to be.
-Satan can disguise himself as anything. It can be something good or something thats not bad at all. But it will be something that can and will take us a step away from God. A step away from where we need to be. We need to recognize these things and look for the best opportunities in our lives, the ones that bring us the closest to our heavenly father.
- It doesn't always matter where we live. Temples are all over the world so that members can be all over the world. There are just 3 things to always remember. 1- build zion in our hearts and in our homes 2- be an example wherever we go 3- focus our family and goals on the temple. This is the key to success wherever we are.

So it was a really good conference with Elder Cook:) I loved being able to shake his hand and sing in the choir for him. Such an amazing day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

End of January party

Spent some time watching Lsu mens lacrosse team win against ole miss. It was so fun to watch lacrosse in person again! I sang in a choir for elder cook on Sunday and it went awesome! And had an amazing superbowl party with friends from my ward. So I would say it was a very successful week. Plus Mardi Gras is coming soon and carnival (what they call their celebrating before the actual daybor Mardi Gras) has been going on so it has been super fun and interesting to see all of it. Plus King cake is amazing.
I also went to Amanda's churches party and met some new people!

Also spent sister Dixon's birthday with her. Taylor and I took them out to celebrate!