Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elder Cooks visit to BR, LA

This is what we talked about on Sunday:
-We need to look like, act like, and groom like a latter day saint so we can be saved. If we have the appearance, the character, and the attire that we belong to this church than it is far easier to be living the way we are supposed to be.
-Satan can disguise himself as anything. It can be something good or something thats not bad at all. But it will be something that can and will take us a step away from God. A step away from where we need to be. We need to recognize these things and look for the best opportunities in our lives, the ones that bring us the closest to our heavenly father.
- It doesn't always matter where we live. Temples are all over the world so that members can be all over the world. There are just 3 things to always remember. 1- build zion in our hearts and in our homes 2- be an example wherever we go 3- focus our family and goals on the temple. This is the key to success wherever we are.

So it was a really good conference with Elder Cook:) I loved being able to shake his hand and sing in the choir for him. Such an amazing day!

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