Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Spent Saturday in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras with Bethany and some of her lovely family! I don't think I will ever be able to go to a regular parade again and think its cool. Haha. These parades are legit. We all decided to dress up and go all out for the experience (hence the bright pink wig... not that you can tell but they had spray painted their hair purple) I got a ton of beads and other stuff thrown at me.. the weather was absolutely perfect. New Orleans has some really cool history and places to see and eat at. I love it. It was actually really nice that I went with Bethany and her family because it was like I was with my own family. Sometimes tender mercies come in strange ways.. Haha like her brother had a meltdown about something and I loved that he did.. I miss having such a big family and cousins around. So it was nice to have a family experience again!

They decorate ladders. Stand on them or usually children sit on top. It helps because crazy people and crowds are everywhere so you can actually see the parade if you have one. We stood one the half ladder/step stools so we had a good view and were the second row. 
Some random pictures while we walked around before the parades started.
one of two New Orleans lds churches. It was really pretty! 
I didn't get many float pictures because I was busy getting beads but here are a few. I loved the guys in the lazy boy recliners they were hilarious. 
Even some elders joined in on the fun!
The first parade we went to was Iris. I love it the theme of it was parties. Really family friendly. The second parade was tucks. It wasn't as family appropriate as it was said to have been in my this sign kinda gives away. 
some of the things I got. And favorite necklaces. These cups are awesome and hard to come by. The beads with characters on them are also hard to get but I caught a few! 
I personally love the snowcone one
So many beads. 
The eye lashes had a hard time staying on our eyes.
we caught these lovely sunglasses from a bridal party float. 
Had a little craft session today after church. I probably spend the most time with these girls! So glad to have met them! Jasmine, me, Bethany and Madison. 

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