Saturday, March 21, 2015

A crazy week

This week was full of craziness. One of the sister missionaries got to go home (she served her 18 months), hung out with some new friends, and spent time with my family here! Oh and we are currently potty training Greyson. Each day it gets better. But its definitely a struggle and very frustrating at times. On Saturday We stuffed crawfish heads! The stuffing is made out of bread crumbs, celery, onions, green bell peppers, and crawfish meat. Then you stuff it back into the crawfish heads and fry them! Then they are cooked in the gravy stuff. We will be eating it for Easter! So that was a fun thing to experience. Its rarely made because of the time and effort that is required and everyone apparently loves it here.
I also just wanted to thank everyone for their support about me going through this heart murmur thing. I know its not a huge deal and nothing serious but I appreciate the prayers and the love and support soo much! I have the absolute best family. We will definitely keep you all updated on it. Having the doctor tell me about it and me being there by myself was definitely hard and I'm so thankful for Amanda and Eric because when I got home they made sure to comfort me and have kept me company all weekend long so I wouldn't have to be alone through this all. I truly love and miss each of y'all and can't wait to visit in May.

This is after they are fried. We will cook them in the gravy stuff the weekend of Easter.
the stuffing
the crawfish heads/bodies
We did this all at Eric's parents house
The stuffing
Amanda and I stuffing them. We actually made the majority of the 776 total stuffed heads.
Its definitely unique and there is an art to stuffing them! Haha

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Second week of March

I got my hair done, its a bit darker than my natural hair color and fades to an ombre. It was definitely time for a change! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Answered Prayers

A while ago I read a blog post of a friend who I went to school with, it was of her testimony and prayers.  I absolutely loved it and it meant alot to me that she would share her story and her testimony. So I also started praying differently, I put more effort and meaning into it than ever before. I prayed for other people in a different way, I communicated differently with my father in heaven. It was amazing. I knew before hand that heavenly father answers my prayers and that he loves and cares for me but I can truly testify without a doubt that he DOES AND ALWAYS WILL answer my prayers. He knows the things that are hard for me to say, he knows my weaknesses and my strengths, he knows what I like and always puts tender mercies in my days to help me. He is constantly blessing me beyond what I could ever imagine. I highly encourage y'all to also read her blog and if you feel like you could improve your prayers in any way I would encourage you to do so. Love you all! :)
Here is the link:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

First week of March

This week was an interesting one. We had a couple 80 degree days, then it plummeted to fourty degrees for two days. Thankfully it went back up to the sixtys for the weekend! My ward had "Nerd Prom" last night. Come to find out nerds dont dance much and I am pretty sure the people who planned it used it as an excuse to play dungeons and Dragons with their friends (I am dead serious unfortunately). But oh well! Met some new people and we danced anyways.
The second photo is from a dinner a couple weeks ago that I went to with the Baptist college group. It was a progressive dinner (where you eat a each course at a different place) it was really fun!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cruise summary

I am having technical difficulty  it wont let me write by the pictures anymore :/ so here is a summary.
Sunday-loaded the boat. We were in a suite and had a butler that catered to our needs :)
Monday- day at sea, played at the pools all day
Tuesday- Cozumel Mexico we went to playa Mia a beach resort. It had awesome slides for Greyson and a nice pool and  Bach area. Amanda and I enjoyed the water obstacle course even though it was super hard and we barely made two or three feet without falling. Unfortunately Amanda and I got seasick at night.
Wednesday- Belize City, Belize. I had the day off some took a shore excursion. I choose to take a river safari and hike the lamanai ruins. I hopped on a bus that was an hour long ride then on to the boat for another hour. Which was really pretty ride through the jungle. We got to see monkeys and a small crocodile and cacti wrapped around the trees and a bird they call the Jesus bird because it walked on water. Then we hiked the ruins. I even got to climb to the top of them which ranged from 70-120 feet tall. We then boarded back on the boat to go back to the bus. But unfortunately our boat broke down halfway back and we had to wait in the jungle for a rescue boat. The steering wheel broke. Finally it came and we got back to the bus. Headed back to the city but got stuck in traffic. I got worried because we had to be back before the ship left without us. We made it back to the tender boats with two minutes to spare but it left without my group. I was freaking out thinking I was going to be left in a sketchy country by myself and the thirty people in my group who are all sixty five or older. Thankfully they got is another tender boat back to our ship and our boat waited for us to get there which is rare!
Thursday- Roatan Bay Honduras. We went to a private island and went snorkeling! I loved it! But I accidentally got to close to some poisonous coral and cut up my knees pretty bad. Hahah.  We still enjoyed it all.
Friday-Costa Maya Mexico. We took a bus to the beach and just relaxed the whole day, ate at seƱor frogs and had some authentic mexican food. It was deliscious!! I got seasick again this night and all day Saturday which was miserable. I wore seasickness patches the whole cruise but they didn't really help but overall the cruise was amazing!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Pictures of our boat docked in Cozumel Mexico

Spent the day at playa Mia a beach resort it was really fun and baby g loved it! 
The picture of the water obstacle course is something Amanda and I did, may look easy but it was actually really hard! We laughed a lot because we looked ridiculous trying to do it. 

I know I don't look great in this photo but I truly loved the blue water and had to get this picture anyways haha!