Saturday, March 21, 2015

A crazy week

This week was full of craziness. One of the sister missionaries got to go home (she served her 18 months), hung out with some new friends, and spent time with my family here! Oh and we are currently potty training Greyson. Each day it gets better. But its definitely a struggle and very frustrating at times. On Saturday We stuffed crawfish heads! The stuffing is made out of bread crumbs, celery, onions, green bell peppers, and crawfish meat. Then you stuff it back into the crawfish heads and fry them! Then they are cooked in the gravy stuff. We will be eating it for Easter! So that was a fun thing to experience. Its rarely made because of the time and effort that is required and everyone apparently loves it here.
I also just wanted to thank everyone for their support about me going through this heart murmur thing. I know its not a huge deal and nothing serious but I appreciate the prayers and the love and support soo much! I have the absolute best family. We will definitely keep you all updated on it. Having the doctor tell me about it and me being there by myself was definitely hard and I'm so thankful for Amanda and Eric because when I got home they made sure to comfort me and have kept me company all weekend long so I wouldn't have to be alone through this all. I truly love and miss each of y'all and can't wait to visit in May.

This is after they are fried. We will cook them in the gravy stuff the weekend of Easter.
the stuffing
the crawfish heads/bodies
We did this all at Eric's parents house
The stuffing
Amanda and I stuffing them. We actually made the majority of the 776 total stuffed heads.
Its definitely unique and there is an art to stuffing them! Haha

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