Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Answered Prayers

A while ago I read a blog post of a friend who I went to school with, it was of her testimony and prayers.  I absolutely loved it and it meant alot to me that she would share her story and her testimony. So I also started praying differently, I put more effort and meaning into it than ever before. I prayed for other people in a different way, I communicated differently with my father in heaven. It was amazing. I knew before hand that heavenly father answers my prayers and that he loves and cares for me but I can truly testify without a doubt that he DOES AND ALWAYS WILL answer my prayers. He knows the things that are hard for me to say, he knows my weaknesses and my strengths, he knows what I like and always puts tender mercies in my days to help me. He is constantly blessing me beyond what I could ever imagine. I highly encourage y'all to also read her blog and if you feel like you could improve your prayers in any way I would encourage you to do so. Love you all! :)
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