Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cruise summary

I am having technical difficulty  it wont let me write by the pictures anymore :/ so here is a summary.
Sunday-loaded the boat. We were in a suite and had a butler that catered to our needs :)
Monday- day at sea, played at the pools all day
Tuesday- Cozumel Mexico we went to playa Mia a beach resort. It had awesome slides for Greyson and a nice pool and  Bach area. Amanda and I enjoyed the water obstacle course even though it was super hard and we barely made two or three feet without falling. Unfortunately Amanda and I got seasick at night.
Wednesday- Belize City, Belize. I had the day off some took a shore excursion. I choose to take a river safari and hike the lamanai ruins. I hopped on a bus that was an hour long ride then on to the boat for another hour. Which was really pretty ride through the jungle. We got to see monkeys and a small crocodile and cacti wrapped around the trees and a bird they call the Jesus bird because it walked on water. Then we hiked the ruins. I even got to climb to the top of them which ranged from 70-120 feet tall. We then boarded back on the boat to go back to the bus. But unfortunately our boat broke down halfway back and we had to wait in the jungle for a rescue boat. The steering wheel broke. Finally it came and we got back to the bus. Headed back to the city but got stuck in traffic. I got worried because we had to be back before the ship left without us. We made it back to the tender boats with two minutes to spare but it left without my group. I was freaking out thinking I was going to be left in a sketchy country by myself and the thirty people in my group who are all sixty five or older. Thankfully they got is another tender boat back to our ship and our boat waited for us to get there which is rare!
Thursday- Roatan Bay Honduras. We went to a private island and went snorkeling! I loved it! But I accidentally got to close to some poisonous coral and cut up my knees pretty bad. Hahah.  We still enjoyed it all.
Friday-Costa Maya Mexico. We took a bus to the beach and just relaxed the whole day, ate at señor frogs and had some authentic mexican food. It was deliscious!! I got seasick again this night and all day Saturday which was miserable. I wore seasickness patches the whole cruise but they didn't really help but overall the cruise was amazing!

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