Sunday, April 19, 2015

April showers bring May flowers?

Or at least I hope so... its been raining all week and more rain is expected. So thats a little hard with a two year old but oh well!
I had my cardiologist appointment on Thursday and it went well, after a couple tests they determined it won't have any affect on me and the main reason for it is because of my size. Being so small the can just hear the flow of the blood through my heart easier. So thats good news!
I spent the weekend playing basketball and hiking! It was my friend Bethany's birthday on Saturday so we went to a haunted plantation house and hiking! It was really fun.

This was the Myrtles Plantation, it is known to be haunted by the slaves and people who died here. And even Ghost Busters has filmed here before and said it really is haunted. They don't allow many photos inside... the top floor is a bed and breakfast. So we got a tour of the bottom floor and outside on the grounds. It was beautiful and so fun to go see! 
My girl Bethany :) she is now 20! Happy birthday!
Madison, Bethany, Stefan, Eric, me, Elizabeth, then Ginger and John in the back.
picture with the most haunted mirror in America... I thought the doll by us was more creepy than anything... 
hiking at Tunica falls! 
The hike was sooo pretty, it was super fun, we hiked around the creek up to each waterfall (3 different ones) at least it was fun until we saw a copperhead snake in the water... than I couldn't get out fast enough. Haha.

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