Saturday, April 11, 2015

Family visit

Aunt Tami, Grandma, Hannah and Sarah took a road trip to come see me this weekend! :) it was so fun to see them and introduce them to my family and show them where I live.

Group picture with my family here and my family from home. 
Last picture before I left below
Baton Rouge temple
Men in the navy. They were there for the ceremony we watched honoring those who lost their lives on the USS KIDD 70 years ago. On April 11. It was amazing to watch they had three of the survivors who were still alive come out and three other members families came out. It was so fun to learn about it all.
this castle like building is the old state capitol. Its called the governors mansion. Its really beautiful. 
A church in downtown Baton Rouge
yes police officers do still ride horses downtown. 
All these pictures are inside the ship
the boat was active in the Korea war and WW2
we got beignets!
Backdrop of downtown Baton Rouge
my family made dinner for us Friday night. We had a shrimp etouffee and then crepes! It was delicious. 

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