Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dallas zoo

Greyson and I only took two pictures together at the zoo but I sure do love this little guy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beach! Part two

Sorry its not letting me post all the pictures together. But this past weekend some girls and I decided for my last weekend to make a quick trip to the beach! We went to Perdido Key Florida. It is right past the Alabama Florida border. It was so amazing and fun!! We ate at Gulf shores steamer and they only have steamed seafood. It was so amazing! Best I've ever had. 
This is the guy that took our group picture. He told me don't worry I got some of myself that way you remember who took y'alls picture. Lol. 
Floppy hats:) 
it was actually quite empty at the beach... bit we enjoyed it. And it was very relaxing
Pictures from the cottage we stayed at. It was on a golf course. 
This is where we had dinner at Gulf shores steamer. It is in Orange beach Alabama. 
Some shrimp, crab, mussles, oysters, corn, potatoes
Mobile, Alabama

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Independence day!

We spent the fourth in Texas this year! It was pretty amazing. We went to the Dallas zoo, a country club (we actually went there a lot!), a couple parks and I met some awesome people. We went to visit some of Amanda and Eric's friends, the Stedmans. They are retired and are the same ones we visited last September(that took me to the cowboys stadium). The country club we went to was just like the one from High School Musical 2! Haha which was awesome. We ended up watching the fireworks over the the golf course and it was so fun! Some of the Stedmans friends joined us for dinner a couple of the nights and they were hilarious. There were a couple old ladies and they were so fascinated with me and what I am doing with my life (they gave me their numbers so we can stay in touch haha). One of them also took my phone and went around putting attractive guys numbers in it. It was soo embarrassing/awkward/hilarious. Definitely a memorable trip!

These two pictures below are the start of the cowboys new training facility. It is massive and will have alot to offer! Cool to see.
Downtown Dallas